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Production of high quality coffees with
environmental preservation and respect
to the relationship with rural workers
Fazenda Passeio
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View of Fazenda Passeio Fazenda Passeio is located in a privileged region for fine coffee production in the southern part of Minas Gerais.

With an altitude between 1100 and 1200 meters, high fertility soil and mountainous relief, coffee is totally handled by trained and qualified workers, from soil preparation to the end of the harvest.

Specialized in coffee production for three generations, all the production stages have been improved, always aiming at obtaining more productivity with respect to the environment and to the relationship with rural workers, most of whom reside in the farm and receive all social support, such as schooling for their children, professional training and environmental education. Coffee plantation
Label Sul de Minas Pergamino Fazenda Passeio stands out in the production of specialty coffees, delivering its production to several parts of the world, especially the "Sul de Minas Pergamino" coffee, produced together with other coffee producers and exported by Alfenas Café.
In addition to the pulped natural coffee, the farm also produces natural coffees of excellent quality for the espresso coffee segment.


The coffee crop is only picked when the beans are in an advanced maturation stage, in order to eliminate the green beans. The whole picking process is manual, and the coffee is pulped during the same day to avoid any type of fermentation.

After some days drying on the terrace, it is placed in dryers and after it has been dried; it spends at least 60 days resting in wooden bins.

Coffee trees with cherry beans
Coffee plantation During the whole process, the quality of the coffee is controled to eliminate any detected defects.

Because of the privileged climate, with an average altitude of 1100 meters and regular rains, and with the reduced use of pesticides, Fazenda Passeio is able to produce excellent coffees, with the characteristics most sought for by specialty coffee consumers.


Surrounded by native woods and several water springs, Fazenda Passeio follows all the environmental protection regulations. The woods are natural reserves with permanent protection.

Furthermore, annually trees are planted in all the water springs areas in order to protect the ecosystem of the farm, since the native woods shelter a rich variety of animals and is visited by tourists, schools and environmentalists.

Woods preservation


Coffee plantation
Name of the farm: Fazenda Passeio (Monte Belo - MG)
Coffee planted area: 130 hectares
Annual average production: 4,000 bags (60 Kg)
Arabica varieties: Mundo Novo, Catuaí, Acaiá, Icatu and Bourbon
Processing facilities: Complete washers and pulpers; 4.000 m2 of concrete terraces; rotary dryers with controlled temperature furnaces; wooden bins and processing equipment. The whole equipment, machinery and premises were specially designed for the production, storage and processing of coffee in pergamino.

logo - Fazenda Passeio FAZENDA PASSEIO
Owner: Adolfo Henrique Vieira Ferreira

Head office: Rua Alterosa, 157 - Vista Alegre
37130-000 - Alfenas - Minas Gerais
Phone/Fax: (55-35) 3291-2429