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Ipanema: synonym of productivity, high agricultural technology and professional management.
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Ipanema - head office Ipanema Agrícola Ltda. began its activities in 1970, with coffee plantations in its farms in the southern part of the State of Minas Gerais, a region traditionally known for the quality of its coffees. Located at the banks of the Furnas dam and equidistant from the three largest consuming centers of Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Belo Horizonte) this region possesses excellent climate and soil conditions for coffee growing.
Its average height is 880m above sea level, and it possesses subtropical climate - with average temperatures oscillating from 16ºC (61°F) low to to 30ºC (86°F) high, and an average rainfall of 1400mm a year.
Ipanema Agrícola Ltda. is a private enterprise formed by the equal participation of two of the most important Brazilian groups: Cia. Bozano, Simonsen and Trilux Participações S.A., the latter, an agricultural holding formed from the spin-off of the Gomes de Almeida Fernandes group. The two groups became partners in 1970 in the Ipanema Project, to produce and commercialize high quality coffees, in professionally managed farms, leading edge agricultural technology and productivity. Management office

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cherry beans During these 29 years, Ipanema specialized in coffee cultivation, although it also produces eucalyptus, which is used as a natural fuel for its dryers.

Ipanema is considered one of the largest individual producers of the world, in a continuous area, with an average annual production of 85 thousand 60 kg bags. The historical annual average of 85,000 bags is larger than the annual production of 18 countries.

Ipanema's productivity, measured in bags of 60 kg per hectare, is one of the highest in Brazil and in the world: 31 bags/ha - the average world productivity is 15 bags/ha.
Ipanema is always investing in coffee productivity and quality improvement. In its plantations, the company uses several varieties of cultivation, either in commercial or research scale.
Drying terrace Ipanema possesses a vast range of different types of coffee preparation, meeting the characteristics of its client markets: Europe, United States and Japan.

Therefore, the company developed its own green coffee labels: four Estate Coffees, four Special Preparation Coffees, and two Blended Coffees.

ESTATE COFFEES are defined as coffees of one origin (region or farm) or variety only, and consist of a very special class. They may also be coffees supplied directly by one sole producer, with no blends and excellent drinking quality preparation. The "Ipanema Estate Coffees" were launched in 1993 and are identified by the types of preparations:
Ouro Preto Label
Ouro Preto
Bourbon Label
Gourmet Label
Conquista Label
The SPECIAL PREPARATION COFFEES were developed and launched in 1997, according to special clients' demands who requested different preparations for their markets. One of these is the natural coffee preparation especially developed for the Spanish and Portuguese markets, 100% arabica, according to specific standards of the client.

In this modality, Ipanema loans its name to different brands ensuring the quality of its prepared coffees. Such preparation starts with a special kind of separation with sieves, and specific dry and processing methods.

España Label
Ibérica Label
Colombo Label
Magalhães Label
BLENDED COFFEES are usually coffee blends of two or more origins (farms or regions), which, result from the combination of different coffees to meet special market segments. Ipanema Blended Coffees combine different types of coffee preparation (washed, semi-washed and natural), and farms with different characteristics (Conquista e Capoeirinha).
Dulce Label
Espresso Label

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Harvest Ipanema is one of the most important job generating companies in its region. It offers approximately 2,000 jobs during the harvest time, in addition to its 300 regular jobs, in administrative and operating services. These workers have several benefits, such as free distribution of soymilk, food staples, medical plan, transportation and lodging.

Ipanema is also developing social actions in the community, contributing to solutions to existing shortages. It is now extending its support to welfare entities, providing food staples for poor families, and food for day-care centers. Between harvests, the company loans, free of charge, its lodging facilities for seminars and community meetings.

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View of the
Conquista farm
Name of the farms: Conquista e Capoeirinha.
Coffee planted area: 2,656 ha (6,640 acres)
Number of trees: 10,620,000
Annual average production: 85,000 bags (60 Kg)
Arabica varieties: Mundo Novo (52%), Catuaí (22%), Acaiá (15%), Icatu (7%) e Bourbon(4%).
Processing facilities: 88 thousand m2 of drying terraces, 10 pulpers, 32 dryers and warehouses for 45 thousand bags of processed coffee and 30 thousand bags of coffee in clusters or "pergaminho".

Rodovia BR 369 Km 175 - Fazenda Conquista
Alfenas/Minas Gerais - Brazil
Phone: (55-35) 3292-3033
Fax: (55-35) 3292-2031