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Alfenas Café: sustainable modes of
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Fazenda Mimoso

Harvest bags We specialize in exporting fine coffees from a limited region in Sul de Minas, known for its quality, obtained from specific ecological factors. Being one of the oldest coffee growing regions in Brazil, Sul de Minas has a traditional coffee farming system based in its rich mountainous soil where one can observe a good environmental balance. These farmers cherish their land, protecting the sources of their streams and riverbanks by keeping them forested. These are usually diversified farms, where sustainable modes of production are applied by successive generations of proud farmers.
Coffee is produced in Sul de Minas by two processing methods. Natural coffees are obtained by letting the fruit go through its complete natural cycle. These full-bodied coffees have a characteristic sweet flavor, ideal for the finest espresso blends. Due to the special climatic conditions in the growing regions, the well-defined seasons and the high latitude at which they are grown, these coffees have a naturally low caffeine content and a mild acidity, and are therefore kinder on the health of the consumer. Drying terrace
Pergamino label Pulped Naturals are obtained by pulping the mature cherries, and letting the mucilage be absorbed by the bean while being sun dried in patios. The resulting product has a flavor that can be compared to Naturals, but sweeter and more balanced. The best lots obtained by these growers, selected by our skilled cuppers, are shipped under the exclusive brand "SUL DE MINAS PERGAMINO".
Brazilian coffees were known to be amongst the best in the world in the beginning of this century, but only since the deregulation of the Brazilian coffee industry it has been possible for a grower to export his production directly. This very exclusive group of growers, conscious of the advantages of strict quality control in all phases of their production and processing, offer their own production in limited quantities through Alfenas Café to the best quality minded roasters in the world. Alfenas producers

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Our Estate coffee, marketed in the U.S. through a partnership with The Roasterie by the name Brazil Fazenda Lagoa Estate, received recently the highest evaluation for this year by the panel of experts of Coffee Review, the world's largest and most respected coffee buying guide.

Estate coffees are grown on a single farm and are processed separately to prevent mixing with coffees from other farms. Among the estate coffees presented by Coffee Review, Brazil Fazenda Lagoa Estate coffee received the highest rate (overall rating: 90), being evaluated in the blind assessment as "Brazil profile at its best: round, full chocolate tones dominate sweetly, complicated by a gently dry acidity. As the cup cools the acidity fades completely and the chocolate tones move from pleasing to transcendent."

sun dry Fazenda Lagoa (Lake Farm) is a classic Brazilian fazenda in the hills of southern Minas Gerais State. This particular Fazenda Lagoa coffee is processed by the "pulped natural" method, in which the outer skin of the coffee fruit is removed immediately after picking, but the beans are sun dried with the sticky flesh of the fruit still clinging to them, which accentuates body and sweetness. The Roasterie is a quality-oriented small-batch wholesale roaster founded in 1993.

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Coffee plantation
Name of the Farms: Lagoa (Monte Belo/MG) and Ilha (Alfenas/MG)
Coffee planted area: 400 hectares
Annual average production: 11,000 bags (60 Kg)
Arabica varieties: Acaiá, Bourbon, Mundo Novo and Catuaí
Processing facilities: complete pulping line, 6,000 square meters of patios, steam-heated dryers, 8 wooden bins for pergamino storage, dry milling.

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Fazenda Monte Alegre
Monte Belo/Minas Gerais - Brazil
CEP: 37.130-000
Fone: (55-35) 3573-2008
Fax: (55-35) 3573-2010