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Alto Cafezal is "Café do Cerrado" at its best
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Alto Cafezal is the label that distinguishes only the finest specialty coffees produced by the Grossi family in the Brazilian Cerrado. Alto Cafezal is "Café do Cerrado" at its best.
Alto Cafezal means high altitude coffee plantations. The Grossi family selects its Alto Cafezal specialty coffees from farms located at altitudes between 2,800 and 3,600 feet. The Grossi farms comprise 1,600 hectares of prime coffee growing land that is ecologically managed to protect water springs and rivers, natural forests, the native animals and birds. coffee plantation
coffee flower/bee Alto Cafezal coffees are produced with sophisticated technologies that are environmentally safe and socially friendly. One of the Grossi sustainable coffee farms - Fazenda Enxó -- is dedicated solely to research and development with emphasis on a coffee breeding program that seeks the best Cerrado adapted varieties that meet consumer's tastes.
Alto Cafezal and the Grossi farms pioneered the Café do Cerrado concept: a large number of separate private coffee development projects that shared the same ideals and reshaped a sizable area of Brazil. The area today has a modern infrastructure, offers good social and health services to workers and it produces excellent specialty coffees.

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Alto Cafezal offers the finest Cerrado natural and pulped natural coffees throughout the year with guaranteed qualities and volumes.
Alto Cafezal coffees benefit from well defined seasons, uniform maturation and plenty of sunshine in the harvesting season to produce a round cup with perfect balance between body and acidity. Because Alto Cafezal coffees are dried in contact with the sugar rich pulp, they absorb and retain unique flavors and aromas much sought after by Cerrado coffee buyers. flowering season
drying terrace Alto Cafezal coffees may be prepared to client's specifications in the processing facilities available on all Grossi farms. Natural and pulped natural coffees are ecologically processed in facilities that consume little or no water and recycle all solid and liquid wastes by incorporating them into the soil. Sun, as well as slow artificial drying, are used to highlight flavor features and to guarantee quality under all weather conditions.
Alto Cafezal coffees are stored under controlled conditions in the Grossi warehouses until they are hulled, graded and selected to exacting standards immediately before shipment in order to preserve quality. The Grossi's large production, superb storage and processing infrastructure guarantee the availability of the finest specialty Cerrado coffees throughout the year. coffee bags

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Behind an excellent specialty coffee there is always the human factor: personal interest, day-to-day dedication and, why not, love. This has been the history of the Grossi family's involvement with coffee for three generations.
The current head of the family, José Carlos Grossi, is the grandson of an Italian immigrant who came to Brazil to work in coffee plantations in 1879. José Carlos' father established some of the first coffee plantations in the north of the state of Paraná, which gave Brazil its largest crops ever in the 1950's. José Carlos himself was a pioneer in the frost-free Cerrado area where he started planting coffee in 1972 around the town of Patrocínio, which is today the bustling trade and supply center for a region that produces more coffee than any Central-American country. head office
coffee plantation The Cerrado produces some of Brazil's best coffees. The Grossi family produces some of the best specialty coffees in the Cerrado that result from the right varieties, sound agronomical practices, modern processing technology and especially, the family's direct involvement with the coffee agribusiness, from planting to exporting to the final client abroad. The Alto Cafezal label couples prime production technology with modern trade and logistics under the direct supervision and personal care of the Grossi family.
The human factor behind Alto Cafezal goes far beyond the Grossi family's direct involvement and includes each and every worker on the farms. The workers are Alto Cafezal's most important asset for the role that they play throughout all stages of the growing, processing and logistics cycle.
The Grossi farms offer all health, insurance and pension benefits to employers at all levels, besides socials and recreational facilities to workers and their families. As José Carlos Grossi likes to say: "come and see what is behind Alto Cafezal specialty coffees: a beautiful scenery, latest technology and specially the warmth of our people." The challenge to produce superb coffees is ingrained into our employees' quest for social cultural and economic development. recreational soccer game
Abrinq stamp Alto Cafezal is a Child Friendly Company because it doesn't explore child's labor and engages suppliers and customers in that campaign.

Besides keeping a day nursery in Patrocínio, Alto Cafezal supplies the company's employees children with uniform and school material. To Alto Cafezal, quality of life and the education of its collaborators and their children is primordial. That is why it is concerned in developing with them an effective and permanent work to value the education, leading parents to a larger involvement and participation in the school life of their children.

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Alto Cafezal
coffee plantation
Name of the farms: São Matheus, Conceição, União, Luciana, Garça Branca, Amizade, Bela Vista, Capão da Mata, Fazenda São José and Chácara Modelo.
Coffee planted area (April 2002): 2,167.45 ha
Number of trees: 8,317,873
Annual average production: 60,000 bags (60 Kg)
Arabica varieties: Catuaí, Mundo Novo, Katipó, Catucaí Tupi, Acaiá and Tupi
Irrigation: sprinkler and drip emitters, and center pivots on 6 farms
Processing facilities: 6 washing and pulping lines, 42,689 m2 (10.5 acres) of paved drying grounds, 18 driers, parchment and dry cherry silos for 24,000 bags and 5 milling (hulling, grading, sorting) lines.

Alto Cafezal - logo ALTO CAFEZAL Comércio, Importação e Exportação Ltda.
Rua Fio Germano, 264 - Bairro Constantino
Patrocínio/Minas Gerais - Brazil
Phone: (55-34) 3831-3838
Fax: (55-34) 3831-4079